Future Forms and Design for Sustainable Cities

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Future Forms and Design for Sustainable Cities

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Future Forms and Design for Sustainable Cities
* Publisher: Architectural Press
* Number Of Pages: 456
* Publication Date: 2005-08-29
* ISBN / ASIN: 075066309X

Book De--xx--ion:Concentrating on the planning and design of cities, the three sections take a logical route through the discussion from the broad considerations at regional and city scale, to the larger city at high and lower densities through to design considerations on the smaller block scale. Key design issues such as access to facilities, access for sunlight, life cycle analyses, and the impact of communications on urban design are tackled, and in conclusion, the research is compared to large scale design examples that have been proposed and/or implemented over the past decade to give a vision for the future that might be achievable.

* Provides an accessible presentation of the latest research in sustainable urban planning and design
* Illustrates recent sustainable plans and schemes to show how they stand up against the latest research
* Offers architects, urban designers and planners a view of how urban forms can become more sustainable in the future

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