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Architect's Pocket Book

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Architect's Pocket Book
Second Edition

Architect's Pocket Book, Second Edition
By Charlotte Baden-Powell
* Publisher: Architectural Press
* Number Of Pages: 305
* Publication Date: 2001-05-23
* ISBN / ASIN: 0750647647

Format: RAR'd PDF
Size: 5.2 MB

Book De--xx--ion:
This fully revised edition of the pocket book includes everyday information which the architect/designer normally has to find from a wide variety of sources and which is not always easily to hand. The book is of use to the student as well as the experienced practitioner. There is no similar compendium currently available.
The book includes data about planning, structure, services, building elements, materials and addresses, and is intended to be used both at the drawing board and on site.
The selection of the material by the author is based on many years' experience of architectural practice in both public and private offices.
Now fully updated to take into account the new 2002 editions to the Building Regulations documents H, J, L1 and L2.
Charlotte Baden-Powell was trained at the Architectural Association in London and has practised as an architect for 38 years. She began by working for British Rail and later for Sir Denys Lasdun. Since then she has run her own practice in London and Bath, dealing with new works as well as the restoration and extension of old buildings. She has written and lectured about the design of kitchens and bathrooms and is the author of Fireplace Design and Construction

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